Application Note: High-Speed DSP Systems Design

spru889.pdf (pdf file)

This PDF from TI is a very interesting and easy to follow guide to designing high-speed systems (not specifically DSPs, but anything ~10-20MHz and up). I came across it while trying to fill in the blank spots that Digital Electronics Guidebook (reviewed previously) left with regards to the termination of buses, and found just about everything I could hope for with regards to designing a solid, reliable high-speed system.

The application note is divided into 7 main sections:
  • Challenges of High-Speed DSP Design
  • Transmission Line (TL) Effects
  • Crosstalk
  • DSP Power Supply Design
  • Printed Circuit Board or PCB Layout
  • Phase-locked Loop (PLL)
  • Electromagnetic Interference

What really suprised me about the AN is just how easily digestible the information was, despite a lot of it being at the limits of my current understanding of electronics. A great example of both the knowledge and understandability is the section on determining decoupling capacitor values, where both “rules of thumb” and fully worked-through equations are given for the values.

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