• V7 Navigation 1000 Menu-button bug fix

    Those who have a V7 Navigation 1000 have probably noticed that the Menu (M) button doesn’t actually go to the menu. It doesn’t do much of anything actually (other than behave as “up” for a few menus), which is quite disappointing since there are only really 3 buttons you can use on the front (excluding [...]

    Jan 5th, 2007 | Filed under V7 and MyGuide
  • Hacking the V7 Navigation 1000 GPS

    On Boxing Day I picked up a cool new toy – a V7 Navigation 1000. It’s an in-car GPS unit with quite nice hardware and software (albeit perhaps matched up and configured by monkeys, and somewhat buggy too). As with any new electronics gadget, I set out looking for updates as soon as I had [...]

    Jan 1st, 2007 | Filed under V7 and MyGuide
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